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So you want a website for your business? You do the proactive thing and contact a few developers and they give you feedback. They tell you about the hosting, the gigabytes, the FTP and how that’s not be confused with the HTML as it will impact your SSL and …. Are you still paying attention? Don’t blame you if you’re not. All you wanted was a website.


Clickto is all about giving you just what you want. We won’t bother you with mini alphabets and abbreviations. We won’t give long winding complex explanations. What we will give you is a straightforward service. Want an e commerce website? We will give you just that!


It’s freedom for you to click and build your solution. Want a website with social media management and content generation, that’s exactly what you get. It’s that simple.

Sample e-commerce store

We thought it better to show you a sample e-commerce store than to tell you about it. Sadly you can’t buy anything from it (it’s just a demo) but have a look at some of the functionality that is available to you.

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